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As of Jan 17th our local Health Authority has not yet sanctioned dance workshops.

  When we do start our workshops we will follow all health directives. e.g. . . . .
      Masks, sanitizer use and vaccinations expected.
      Social Distancing will be maintained by the movement exercises we learn.
advanced registration will be required via email (bryher@shaw.ca) or call 250-390-2625.
We will restrict our attendance numbers.
No food or drinks will be provided. Please bring your own water bottle.

Feb 22nd HOPEFULLY- COVID permitting  Venue T.B.A. (Nanaimo)
Movement Workshops
              We will learn basic dance steps and explore the great variety of patterns and "moves" that these can lead to.
              Beginner friendly, but those who are experienced  will enjoy and prehaps rediscover the joy of moving to
                  beautiful music. A "bubble partner" to work with would be nice, but it is not required if working solo.
              This will be a friendly and safe community experience.
Date cannot yet be confirmed - due to COVID restrictions.
Vintage Ballroom Dance - see "flier"    Sat. March 26th (prospectively!)    Nanaimo.
             Morning Workshop          Waltz and Polka
             Afternoon Workshop       Saunter (smooth foxtrot), Ragtime Two-Step and Jazz Age "One Step"
             Evening Dance                  The Programme of Dance will be announced later - but see here for a hint.                
         These are all partner dances but singles can attend  and dance solo
Dress can be a costume from any era (including the present day!)
Vintage Swing Workshops
   Not yet possible - due to physical distancing expectations. (But perhaps sooner than expected?)
                   The workshops will include basic Lindy Hop / JIve moves and patterns. Included will be
                   - some West Coast Swing patterns, some Blues, some Balboa, Solo jazz moves.
Contra Dancing
         Not yet possible due to social distancing being impossible. (Too many different partners and too closely held)                    However, some folk dance / contra dances can be carefully included in Vintage Ballroom.

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