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An evening of
Vintage Ballroom Dancing
Saturday - March 26th
Location T.B.A. (Nanaimo)
Time: expected 7:30 - 9:00
Dances possibly taught during the session(s).
All dances are sequences - for social distancing.

       1.   "Yearning Saunter" (a smooth foxtrot)
      2.   "Veleta" (waltz)"
      3.   "Bohemian Polka"  (A Victorian era classic)
     4.   "Hesitation Waltz"
     5.   "One Step"  ("Too Much  Mustard")
      6.   "Destiny Waltz"
      7.   "Veto Galop"
      8.    Ragtime Two-Step & Cakewalk
     9.   "Swedish Masquerade"
      10.  "La Rinka"  (waltz)
             We will have a four piece orchestra who will play the original vintage music for these dances.

Advance Registration  
email ( or call 250-390-2625.
We will restrict our attendance numbers.
No food or drinks will be provided. Please bring your own water bottle.
$25.00 admission - includes daytime workshops.


"Vintage Ballroom"
In our first workshop we learn:
Dance 1. Vintage waltzing. 1800-1840
       Later styles in later workshops.
Dance 2. Vintage polka (circa 1820 and onwards)
It is an easy sequence with beautiful and interesting moves - all of them still useful in modern ballroom.
The wonderful music is by Josef Strauss.
The dance is not strenuous.
A partner is not required."

T.B.A. . Nanaimo.

The music will be traditional dance music of the 1920's to 1950's.
For most weeks the music will be by recordings but once a month we hope to have a live band.

The dance style will be Lindy Hop / Jive / Charleston / Balboa, and some Solo Jazz line dances such as:
       The Madison / Shim Sham / a Lindy Routine / a Charleston routine / West Coast Swing routine

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