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Retro Swing Tradition.

Swing Dances
Our swing dances are held in the tradition and spirit of Retro Swing.
1. We include music of variety and fun, than includes opportunity to listen to and dance Charleston, Swing Waltz, Social Foxtrot, Balboa, Blues and West Coast Swing (8 count)  Lindy Hop is the main dance (music) but there is this expected variety. Some dancers might dance East Coast Swing, Shag, JItterbug and other swing dances to tunes that encourage them. 
2.  We dance safely during social dancing. 
     Dancers are free to use the music as they see fit.
     There are no "wrong dance moves" and no "mistakes" . . . be safely adventurous.
3. There is lots of opportunity to dance social Jive at various tempos.
4. The best way to get a partner for the next dance is to stay standing on the floor.
     0ther dancers will see you want to dance and will feel free to ask you.
     It is O.K. for women to invite somebody up for a dance (either malke or female). 
 Anybody can decline an invitation to dance. 
 If you don't want to dance - just take a seat! It's a chance to relax and enjoy watching.
 Some women like to practice how to "lead" and men often like to learn to "follow"
     - but the better Lindy dancers can switch leads/follows and regard a "lead" as 
on "offer" and feel free to improvise and nicely surprise their partner with an 
unexpected (but safe) alternative move.
5. We do NOT do "airials" and jumps during social dancing. 
      (However Advanced dancers can add it to their showcase or jam dances which are 
often given floor time during an intermission)

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