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What to Expect at a " Retro Swing Dance"

Swing Dances
Retro Swing Dance
There will be a pattern of dancing at our Retro Swing dances. Almost all the music will be Big Band or similar. A so-called "swing dance" includes a variety of dance styles and suitable music. The music should be "swing music" - otherwise it is not a true swing dance.
(Waltzes excepted - because I have a bias.)
1Medium tempo Lindy (or Jive)Lindy Hop music in the classic "Big Band" swing styles. Also some Dixieland and Rockn'Roll music.
Dance style using this music might be Jive, Lindy Hop.
Blues / W.C.S.Slow and medium speed "Big Band" Blues music.
There are five styles of dancing that can easily use this music.
1. Blues (modest or sensuous!)
2. Classic West Coast Swing (8 Count Lindy pattern or contemporary W.C.S. patterns)
3. Slow, smooth, Lindy
4. Slow Jive 
5. Social Foxtrot
Faster LindyNot easy to Lindy to but excellent for fast Jive, Charleston and Balboa.
(these will be taught)
We will do them every week!
1.  Rueda:  "Fiddle-Diddle" (fwd & bck basic)
2.  Shim Sham Line Dance (modified) (solo jazz)
3.  Swing Waltz Rueda (simple) 
4.  Big Apple Line Dance (modified) (solo jazz)
5.  Jams and/or Showcases
Swing WaltzA few waltzes during evening, with mini workshops
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