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The Nanaimo Salon Orchestra is looking for musicians to form a new community orchestra based in Nanaimo - Vancouver Island.

The musical repertoire is mostly light classical music from 1800's to recent times and will be played in the style of a "salon orchestra" - the musicians meld their instrumental contribution as a group and do not use a conductor.

The orchestra and will play at dances and Balls of vintage ballroom music. Sometimes they will perform concerts.

The "salon orchestra" is flexible in its number of musicians. Sometimes just a solo piano, or piano and a second or third instrument then up to a "full" orchestra similar to a Chamber Orchestra.

A full orchestra would consist of 14 musicans, but second "desks" are welcome. The sound & style is
Woodwind =  flute, Bb clarinet & bassoon
Brass = 2 French Horns, Cornet (trumpet) and Trombone
Strings = V1, V2, Viola, Cello, Bass
and guest vocalists plus other guest instruments.

Members of the orchestra will also able to play as soloists, duo, quartets etc

If interested of playing or being a supporter or dancer please call Gordon at 778-269-0552 or (better yet) contact by email Gordon at bryher@shaw.ca - subject Salon orch. Thanks.
My "Four Orchestral Suites" recorded live by the famous CBC Radio Orchestra with 15 movements. It is a "limited edition" contract with the CBC musicians. Please see "Concert Music" page for details and links.
1. Nanaimo Suite   2. Lantzville Suite 3. Scillonia Suite
4. Canada Suite
3I am collecting some of my music into albums:
- #1 "Saskatchewan Memories" (11 tracks)
- #2 "Kernow" (Cornish Memories) (15 tracks).
- #3  Four Orchestral Suites  (see CBC, above)
- "The Pied Piper Ballet" (26 tracks)
- "Scillonian Postcards"  
- "Vancouver Island Moments"
- "England"
- "Heritage
Printed Music. I have sheet music (scores) available for all of my music.



        I am sharing my music compositions because, quite simply, that's what a composer should do.
   Hopefully some people will listen and if the music causes them to form either a positive or negative emotion my effort was not in vain.
 The essential thing is that I have had a wonderful life "hearing" my own music and then writing it down as best as I could.That is all that really matters.
   The music that I currently have"on-line" is regularly being increased, and thus this web site is "a work in progress" both in terms of music and files selected. The fact that there is a lack of quality recording, mastering and performace polishing is not important to me because I enjoyed writing, hearing and immagining the music of my inner ear.
    It is what it is.
  You can contact me (Gordon) at  bryher@shaw.ca

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