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Concert Music

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Saskatchewan Memories
Kernow (Cornish Memories)
Four Orchestral Suites

Grain elevator near Prince Albert  
Symphony No. 1 - "The Saskatchewan"
and Waltzes, Marches and others.
Sennen Cove, Cornwall
Symphony No. 2 - "The Kernow" Op.32
"A Penwith Handfasting"  (a short Ballet)
and Waltzes, Marches and others.
C.B.C. Radio Orchestra
Ken Hsieh conducting
1 Nanaimo Suite 2. Lantzville Suite
3. Scillonia Suite 4. Canada Suite
Vancouver Island
United Kingdom

Porthcressa Beach, Isles of Scilly
A selectiin of "musical postcards" of Scilly with various  Waltzes, Marches and others, and ending with my. Symphony # 3, "The Scillonian" Op. 51
Lantzville Beach at half tide.
A selection of short music pieces celebrating places and events on Vancouver Island.
H.M.S.Belfast - to whom I owe so much
Some of my Folk / Country Dance pieces.
Symphony No. 5: The Aylesbury

PHOTO NEEDED  - Album in progress

Descripton / title of photo -- when chosen

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