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Four Orchestral Suites

Album 7.  "Windows Of Heritage"
Associated Memories or event.

56Where I was born and raised for 16 months. Then war.

56Music that my mother, Evelyn, loved dancing to. They were elegant and lively western style dances to popular tunes. Most of the dancers were wealthy Chinese, and some were poor "hostesses" earning a living.

Stiff Upper Lip ("Good Mornin'")
Roll Call in Manila's infamous Santo Thomas prison camp. 1942
We are then sent back to Shangahai. This is ta copy of the original recording with a local band.

Symphony No. 4
"The Heritage"

1st. Galicia
57.1My grand-mother, Bessie Lethbridge (nee Pascoe), told of a family tradition (myth?) where her ancestor was from a Celtic speaking area of Spain. He was shipwrecked from the Spanish Armada. He married a local Celtic girl - and prospered.

57.2Among the Western Rocks of the Scillies is Rosevear islet, where my great, great grandfather, John Lethbridge, lived as part of the stone masons building the Bishop Rock Lighthouse. (1840's?)

Instilled into me during my "internment" in Ash Camp Prison Camp, Shanghai, 1942-45

57.4The Isles of Scilly has an amazing history and pre-historyincluding many megalithic structures.
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