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Music Files

Musical & Stage Works

Several pieces of music are on-line, with more to come.
Orchestral Works
Stage Works
Nanaimo Suite - (CBC Radio Orchestra)     AVAILABLE
Distress Call (Light Opera)  Opening tenor aria  (no voice)
Lantzville Suite   (CBC Radio Orchestra)     AVAILABLE
Treasure Island (Musical)
Scillonia Suite     (CBC Radio Orchestra)     AVAILABLE
Woman of the Woods (Light Opera)
Canada Suite     (CBC Radio Orchestra)     AVAILABLE
Aesop's Fables (Musical)
Symphony No. 1   "The Saskatchewan"        coming soonThe Pied Piper (Musical ver.)
Symphony No. 2  "The Kernow"               AVAILABLE
The Square Peg  (Musical)
Symphony No. 3   "The Scillonia"  
The Association (Light Opera).
Symphony No. 4   "The Heritage"
A Penwith Handfasting (Ballet)                  AVAILABLE
Symphony No. 5    "The Aylesbury"   
The Pied Piper (Ballet)
waltzes             several are available, as part of an Album
Bylaw (musical)
marches and pronenades              several are on Albums
various scripts
jigs and reels

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