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Woman Of The Woods

Four Orchestral Suites

Alas the cast recording was made on ADAT tape and I have no way of playing it. (only two songs survived!)

Woman Of The Woods
April-May 2000
Gordon Pascoe, music and lyrics Karen Mitura, book.
Lisa Kerr  Stage Director
Very Brief Synposis
Elisha, a Celtic woman of the woods meets Thomas, a Christian Saxon Lord and they fall for each other.
They have a huge problem because their cultures clash. Christian vs Celtic Pagan and Landowner vs Free Spirit.
An Abbess and a Priest are an Evil Pair that makes things worse for Elisha but a kindly nun,  Vincenta, and two friendlyvillagers, Much and Morag,  befriend Elisha.

Original Cast
Qualicum Theatre - Duncan Theatre - Nanaimo Port Theatre

Elisha, a Celtic Pagan
(Niki Monogious)
Thomas, a Christian
(Jonathon Baker)

The Kindly Christians
Sister Vincanta, Morag, and Much
(Sue Postans, Lorna McLellan, and Dean Chadwick)
Conductor - Gordon Pascoe
Flute                   ?
Clarinet               ?
French Horn        John Barker
Piano                  - ?
Keyboard            Jani Loesier
Timpani               y
Violin 1               Marjorie Cullerne
Violin 2                y
Viola                   y
Cello                   y
Bass                   ?

Musical Director
(Jani Loesier)
"The Evil Pair"
Abbess (Arvin Bunt) and Acrimon (Bruce Mason)
Full Cast

Songs available - rough live performance


Prophecy Duet   
The Crone and Elsiha
Elisha, Vincenta, Morag, Much, Abbess and Acrimon

Much and Morag
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